Christina Boves created DermaWand, because at age 42 in 1995, she began looking older than her years. Ms. Boves realized that there are other women out there with crows feet, wrinkles, and sagging skin. By 2011, DermaWand has been sold through infomercials all over the country. The secret is radio frequency that is supposed to add oxygen to the skin to puff it out and get rid of lines and wrinkles.

Better Than Professional Radio Frequency ?

The DermaWand infomercial explains that this product is just as effective as the professional machine that requires multiple treatments costing $3,500 to show any effective results. For a small fraction of the cost of professional treatment, you get the same results on a daily basis. DermaWand is a smaller, plastic unit that looks something like a rocketship and has a lower amplitude that makes it safer for daily use in three minutes a day. DermaWand is supposed to tone, tighten, and remove years from appearance.

 The Kit

DermaWand comes with a DVD instructional video, facial creams, a moisturizing mist, and a makeup bag for the products. The instructions suggest you have a completely dry face before applying the treatment. People new to DermaWand should put the volume up to three and use volume one for around the eye area. People wonder, does this product really work? The idea is to begin at the bottom of the face near the chin area, working in circular strokes up to the top forehead region.


The reviews are mixed. Some customers boast about having tremendous results and others see no results at all. One reviewer says that DermaWand can reduce blackheads, something the product isn't marketed to do. Another reviewer was impressed the Derma Wand lifted her eyelids, making her look refreshed.

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